• Francis Gallagher

    For many years now, Leaders in Design MENA is a forum for the region’s driving elite of the real estate industry to connect with new potential business partners and develop valuable relationships. It is a great opportunity to share our vast experience with other professionals as well as to take the pulse of the region.

    Francis Gallagher
    Principal and Managing Director of the HKS Architects -
  • Elvira Muños

    Leaders in Design MENA, organized by International Business Council, represents a unique opportunity to connect with sector leaders and senior decision makers to tackle the future challenges of the region.

    Elvira Muños
    Director of AECOM -
  • Alan McCready

    Leaders in Design MENA organized by International Business Council gives us a wonderful opportunity to meet and engage with the best designers it the region and to discuss the latest interior design trends. Our work is centered around bringing a designer’s vision to life, so ongoing dialogue is essential.

    Alan McCready
    Managing Director of ISG Middle East -
  • Michael Fowler

    Leaders in Design MENA is one of the most important events in the region for designers and I am honoured to be invited to share my experiences in architectural design at the conference. This event offers a great opportunity for design professionals from around the globe to discuss current issues, challenges and market trends, especially their impact on future development and the design profession in the Middle East and North Africa. I believe both the programmes line up and the spontaneous conversations that follow will spark a lot of ideas and definitely inspire every one of us.

    Michael Fowler
    Managing Director - Middle East of AEDAS -
  • Federico Delrosso

    Leaders in Design MENA organized by International Business Council is the perfect opportunity for me to connect with the right people within the industry and look into the potential of this dynamic area.

    Federico Delrosso
    Founder of Delrosso Architects -
  • Nasser Abulhasan

    I am pleased to take part in Leaders in Design MENA organized by International Business Council and be part of this big family. The event bring us the opportunity to share with all attendees our core principles in the field of architecture and design. It will allow us to show some of our best projects and create a dialogue with the audience. Networking is also important for us in this type of events

    Nasser Abulhasan
    Principal of AGI Architects -
  • Dave Scurlock

    For Callison, a global architecture and design firm, the Leaders in Design MENA summit organized by International Business Council gives us an opportunity to create relationships with those leaders-to strengthen existing connections and forge new ones. We look forward to sharing our perspective on design and learning new strategies to further success in the region

    Dave Scurlock
    Principal of CALLISON -
  • Sanjay Puri

    All conventions are a good forum for interaction and exchange of ideas. We are looking at Leaders in Design MENA by International Business Council as an opportunity to meet different people from the design and building fields and share thoughts and meaningful dialogues. We find that each event is a forum for expanding ones horizons in the design field.

    Sanjay Puri
    Co-Founder of Sanjay Puri Architects -
  • Richard Hutchinson

    For LOM Leaders in Design MENA by International Business Council represents the perfect opportunity to engage with the market in Middle East and gain a better understanding of local trends, share best practice with our contemporaries and meet new clients.

    Richard Hutchinson
    Director of LOM architecture and design -