Dave Scurlock

    Principal, CALLISON

    Dave brings an emphasis on design, as well as an understanding of technical solutions to his role as Principal-in-Charge. With extensive international experience, he provides a balance of international insight, relevant cultural context and retail best practices. His strategy: translate client vision and goals into an environmental language that can be embraced by the team. Dave advocates creating a unique design approach for each project, ensuring the final solution will maintain the client’s vision.

    With over 25 years of retail design experience, Dave Scurlock is one of the practice leaders for the Global Retail studio at Callison, one of the worlds top architecture and interior design firms. Operating from Callison’s headquarters in Seattle, Dave leads national and international design projects, having worked with a diverse group of the worlds leading retailers and developers, throughout Asia, the Middle East, the EU, and the US.

    As an industry advocate for retail environments, consumer experience, and (most importantly) for the diverse people who will shop, enjoy, and be inspired by them, Dave believes in a design culture which balances the challenge of continuous change and the design innovations that drive tomorrows consumer marketplace.

    Dave serves on the editorial advisory board of Design:Retail magazine, is a supporter of numerous professional and student development opportunities through Callison educational endowments, and is active in community giving. Dave lives on Whidbey Island, Washington, with his wife and their dog, loves travelling (of course), cooking, family, and divides his free time between boating, snowboarding, and golf.